8 of the best small business softwares

Over our 10+ years of software consulting practice we have used and come across some excellent paid or free SAAS based softwares. From project management, to email management and accounting, this mini guide will assist small business owners to find the best software tool for their business. 

Small business are tough and challenging, but with right software you can overcome some of the operational challenges. Software’s organize your operations, streamline your workflow, and get more jobs done proficiently and with reliability. 

Here are 8 of the best small business software’s that we use and have helped us in our business. Our only intent in writing this blog is that it will help fellow small business owners in their quest of finding reliable softwares for their business. 

1. Freedcamp: 
Do you wish to enhance your workflow in a way that lets you achieve your targets and goals? Then opt for Freedcamp project management software. From single to multiple users the collaboration service is developed is a manner that the users organize and collaborate effectively via the cloud. This software helps businesses to stay in control of their projects, budget, resources and timelines. 

Key Features: Project templates, task management, Wikis, invoice management, time tracking, data backups are a few to name.

2. 1and1.com:

Whether you are a freelancer, small business owner or even a startup and if you are looking for an affordable and feature-rich webhost then 1and1.com provides you a wide collection of packages, comprising cloud, shared, virtual private server, WordPress and dedicated hosting.

Key features: Landing pages/web forms, newsletter management, Invocies, drag and drop, surveys, templates and a lot more.

3. Zoom: 
An easy to use online video conferencing and meeting software that amalgamates cloud video conferencing, group messaging and simple online meeting on one simple and easy to use platform. It offers the best audio-video and screen sharing experience.

Key features: Zoom meetings and rooms, group collaboration, video webinar, chat messaging and a lot more.

4. GSuite: 
Every business requires an office suite. Spread sheets, presentations and documents are something used almost every day. GSuite is considered as one of the best and comprehensive cloud based office toolkit that technology can offer. Feature-rich software that small businesses can use for video conferencing, emails, files sharing and cloud storage. 

Key features: Calendar, emails, documents, slides, spread sheets, Video conference, drive and a lot more.

5. Asana: 

Software like Asana don’t let you waste your time juggling between emails, sticky notes or spread sheets to manage your projects. Get all your team work like calendars, goals notes, files etc. in one place. Bid adieu to last minute emergencies or meetings with the help of Asana.

Key features: Budget management, resource management, time and expense tracking are a few to name.

6. Quick Book: 
An integrated financial software system that simplifies small business accounting. This software synchronizes your entire business finance profile to a single dashboard where several users can view detailed financial and accounts reports of your organization. It creates profit and loss sheets and billing and invoice solutions.

Key features: Accounts payable, bank reconciliation, billing and invoicing, expense tracking project accounting and a lot more.

7. Zoho Books: 

An online accounting software that lets you easily manage the cash flow of your business. This software lets you take better decisions for your business. It keeps a track of your expenses and manages your customers and invoices efficiently. 

Key features: Accounts payable, bank reconciliation, billing and invoicing, purchase orders, expense tracking project accounting and a lot more.

8. Dropbox: 
A file sharing software that lets you securely share your files, sync them easily and give certain team members access to particular folder. If you want password protect folders or want to even set expiry dates for the shared files and folders, this software can help you do that too. 

Key features: Data synchronization, file sharing, backup, access control are a few features to name.

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