Product information

EzzyCRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that helps companies to manage sales team, assign task and followup, track pipeline, and visualize deal stages for better ROI.

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Setup conversational bot, which can converse with your users in real-time to book meetings, qualify visitors & more which directly creates a lead in the appropriate pipeline for each conversation. Use this next generation Ezzy chat bot anywhere you have a web presence.

Use this next generation Ezzy chat bot anywhere you have a web presence.

Automated Reminders & Follow-up

Setup reminders for yourself or your team so you never miss a follow-up.

Save time and setup automated personalized email follow-ups using email templates.

EzzyCRM-Reminders Follow up Automation

Visual Dashboard & Multiple Sales Pipelines.

EzzyCRM Add Deals

See all your leads in various stages visually with drag & drop feature to move leads to different stages.

Create unlimited sales pipelines with custom stages for better reporting and tracking.

Ezzy Reports To Get The Big Picture

See how many deals your salespeople win or lose and why and which accounts bring the most revenue.

Track custom sales activities like emails, meetings, calls or events to find your team’s winning patterns.

EzzyCRM Reports

Custom Fields & Link Emails To Deals

EzzyCRM Custom Fields Link Emails To Deals

Add custom fields to capture deal data as per your requirements.

Automatically capture all email discussions with you clients directly in EzzyCRM. So all details including emails for your leads is in one place.

Role Based Access & Security

Give role-based access by pipeline to control who has access to your data.

We use strong SSL encryption and all your identifiable data is stored in encrypted format in our database so no one except you has access to your data.

EzzyCRM Role Based Access Security

Get more sales with less work

EzzyCRM makes it ezzy to streamline, grow, report and highlight leads with more potential, so your sales team can spend their effort and time on the right leads.

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Features: Ezzy Chat Bot, Reminders & Follow-up Automation, Visual Dashboard & Multiple Sales Pipelines, Ezzy Reports, Custom Fields & Link Emails To Deals, Role Based Access & Security.